Nittany Kids - No Background

Sundays during 10:00 AM Worship Service

Staffed Nursery (Birth – Toddler)
Kid Central (Toddler – Pre-K)
Young Children’s Church (K – 2nd Grade)
Children’s Church (3rd – 5th Grade)
On Sunday mornings, our children worship with our families before being dismissed for age-appropriate instruction. On your first Sunday, we encourage you to walk with your children to their class so you can meet their teacher.  This is what your child will be learning . . .  we are continuing to use the Answers Bible Curriculum from Answers in Genesis.  We have found this program to be rigorous, challenging (to students and teachers), and engaging.  This curriculum quips children to defend the Bible as they become conformed to the image of Christ all while applying God’s word to their everyday lives (click HERE to find out more).  Here are the Key Concepts taught on Sunday mornings:
Key Concepts
CC Memory Verse Year 1 - no background CC Memory Verse Year 2 - no backgroundYCC Memory Verse Year 1 - no background YCC Memory Verse Year 2- no background