Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good

to all people, especially to those who belong

to the family of believers.” – Galatians 6:10


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If there is an Item/Service that you want to claim in the HAVEs section, please contact the site administrator by clicking HERE.  Thank you and God Bless!


               HAVES                                       NEEDS

1.  Pots and Pans                                                                               1.  Wheel Chair 

2.  Coffee Mugs                                                                                   2.  Two desk chairs

3.  Plastic Storage Containers – Food                                      3.  4 wooden dining room

4.  Men’s Cloths LG/XL                                                                           chairs.

5.  Women`s Clothes various sizes

6.  Down Hill Skis  In Great Condition

Rossignol 188 CM Racing Skis Excellent condition.

Bindings : Salomon 850 & Poles.

Boots/ Salomon size26.5 Eu/9 usa

& Ski Bag & Boot Tote.

1 VOLLKI 190CM Skis 1990 `s Excellent Condition .

Bindings 380 Tyrolia & Poles.

Boots/ Dachstein size 28 EU/ 10 usa

&  Ski Bag& Boot Bag

1 Olin Ballet Skis my old ones. 150 CM 1980`s Vintage /

Could be used as Kids Skis/ Would need to be Re-Set up.

Tyrolia Bindings .

X Ski patrol & Ski Teck

7.  Two child car booster seats

good condition

8.  Toddler Bed Guard Rail

excellent condition

9.  Beautiful “Shubunkins”

(Japanese goldfish) from our pond.

Anyone interested may come and take your

pick from our pond.  Please contact the site

administrator for contact information.

10.  Sharp 32″ TV (Tube type)

               11.  Bread Maker

               12.  Hamster Cage and Bedding

               13.  Older Dell Monitor Trinitron

               14.  Keyboard

               15.  Mouse